19th Sep2016

Amandla Ngawethu?

This week's edition considers questions around the #FeesMustFall movement. The coming few weeks will prove pivotal as Higher Education Minister Blade Ndzimande has announced that there will be university fee increases next year.

19th Sep2016

Fees Must Fall Reloaded

Thabisile Miya discusses the legacy of various student-led protests, most famously Fees Must Fall, one year later.

08th Aug2016
Remember Khwezi

Mbokodo Leads

This week's edition of the blog celebrates Women's Day but still acknowledges that much still needs to be done before womxn can be truly emancipated.

08th Aug2016
Keep Calm and Mbokondo Mnyandu


Thabisile Miya writes about the majestic strength of women and why they need to be celebrated more often.

08th Aug2016
6 black-and-white-stripes-watercolor-fashion-woman-art-print-beverly-brown-prints

And So They Called Me a Woman

Mamelodi Marakalala discusses the ways in which society defines, and constrains, women.

08th Aug2016
This is what a feminist looks like

Sentiments of a Poet

Zwelidumile Zweli Ndungane discusses his decision to act as an ally for women's rights.

02nd Aug2016
Municipal Elections South Africa

X Marks the Spot

Remember to make your voice count during the local elections

02nd Aug2016

Autonomous or Autonomouse?

Tessa Hellberg discusses issues around autonomy around voting in the local elections.

24th Jul2016
Pretty Bicycle

Waiting on the World to…

This week brings with it thought-provoking articles to enjoy and mull over.

24th Jul2016
Pray for Ghana

Do All Lives Matter?

Thabisile Miya addresses our need for creating new narratives around Africa and her problems.

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