16th Apr2017

“I don’t Understand Heterosexual Relationship” “Neither do I”

by admin


We are all taught from a young age that women are supposed to love men and men are supposed to care for women. This, we are told, is right and fair. Depending on your background, it appears that love has been legislated for us and we are merely expected just follow. This is a restricted realm which (in retrospect) should be easy to navigate, as patriarchy determines. The male and female gender roles have been outlined. Even though we may not choose or try hard to not ascribe to them, they are still there. This is why I don’t understand heterosexual relationships. Why are they so hard?

The heterosexual perspective on homosexual relationships however, has always stemmed from confusion. It seems like those who choose to explore these relationships want nothing more than to prove their incongruence to what they feel is “the law of nature”. Most see homosexual relationships as a taboo while I see them as having a freedom. All human beings are quick to say that we cannot choose who we fall in love with but are also quick to say which relationships one is allowed to choose. The argument that the homosexual relationship is one based on lust alone is one that I don’t understand and with the above statement, one I cannot explain. Saying “we can’t choose who we fall in love with” is a clear indication that we all share the common belief that love demands not to be legislated but still we choose to legislate it.

Therefore, I think that homosexual relationships are one of the purest examples of romance. It interests me more than anything how someone can love someone unconditionally despite their own personal struggles against society. The purity in the emotional connections shared between is beautiful in my opinion. They love, not because they are told to but, despite being told not to. Think about it, lust is lust and needs no explaining, however people spend time and time again fighting for their right to love. What is more romantic than that? There is patriarchy in everything, however people choose, despite the struggles involved, to love.

In a heterosexual relationship, who pays the bill on the first date, opens the door, cooks at home, and is supposed to make more money? What have you been told the answer should be? In a homosexual relationship, what then becomes the answer? Where some might find confusion, I find intrigue. It’s the simple things that say I love you and more so when they are by choice. The feeling of love is not legislated. No feeling ever is. It is innate and real, and with all the struggles homosexual people must fight against, who would choose love like that?

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