16th Apr2017

No to Roman Catholic Priests Getting Married!

by admin

I say no to Roman Catholic priests getting married (add link). I personally feel that it is not a good idea as more corruption would be caused in and outside of church. Furthermore, relationships come with terms and conditions that a married couple have to adhere to.

Every church has its own tradition and the Roman Catholic Church has the tradition of priests not being permitted to get married as they are, in fact, married to the church. Roman Catholic churches get their dignity and value from priests not getting married. A priest should fully focus on the Church; his having a wife and having an argument with his wife could lead to his preaching a sermon that is not ethical enough for his congregation. When one enters the altar, one needs have to be as pure as a baby without any sexual desire being brought to the altar. Death is a natural part of life; there will come a time where a priest dies. If the priest had a wife and children, my question is who will take care of the wife and children of the priest as the priest himself was supported by the congregation. Where will the wife and children go since the priest lives in the church built by the congregation? Priests have a protocol where they reshuffle yearly and this begs the question of whether the priest will have to annually move with his wife and children in tow.

A man is a man is a man; giving the priests a platform to have a relationship is not a good idea as it encourages corruption within and outside of church. Do you feel great when your husband says “I’m busy”? As the wife of a Roman Catholic priest you are expected to understand his busyness but for how long are you going to understand that your man has no time for you and your children because he’s always busy?

If the church needs money to contribute to the running of the church, the priest has to decide on whether he is taking the money to the church or his family. In my opinion, it is quite obvious that he is going to choose his family and that will lead the church being poor and his nuclear family being rich as, of course, blood is thicker than water. I find it very disturbing for the Pope to even suggest that Roman Catholic priests will be allowed to get married.  Yes there have been incidents wherein Roman Catholic priests have sexual relations with members of their congregation. This, then, does not mean that they must be given the opportunity to have sexual relationships. If incidents like these continue to occur, I personally feel that serious punishment must occur; when a man chooses to become a Roman Catholic priest, he knows what he is getting himself into. Being called to serve as a Roman Catholic priest is higher than being married or having a relationship with members of that priest’s congregation. A Roman Catholic must remain celibate as their sexuality affects their congregation and the Roman Catholic Church itself.

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