15th May2017

YouTube is the Future

by admin


In our current age of millennials and freedom of speech where online resources are easily accessible and everyone is obsessed about documenting their lives online, it does not come as a shock that the next big thing that everyone is raving about after Snap Chat and Instagram is vlogging. Vlogging is the act of taking video blogs where creators upload content on YouTube about an array of topics including tutorials about literally anything under the sun, music video reactions, entertainment, lifestyle, politics, food, fashion and updates or short clips of their lives. In sum, vlogging includes basically anything that can have someone’s eyes glued to their laptop or phone screens for days. This act is quite popular and profitable for most creators giving rise to a space called the vlogosphere where all it takes is simply a camera and a burning topic you want to address or your simply enjoy taking pictures and videos. If you feel that you have a story to tell- the platform is yours.

I would not consider this as the latest trend because vlogging has been around for some time with many people slowly embracing it. Particularly in South Africa, it is considered relatively new in comparison to America or Europe. Vlogging has some benefits such as profitability and everyone can participate there are no rules, it is easy for everyone to be connected since YouTube is accessible worldwide. But the most interesting part is that one can make profit by just having a camera.      If you already enjoy recording yourself doing something interesting and getting a certain number of views and subscribers, Google Adsense or Adprogram (a special program by google that permits publishers and content creators to serve media texts or interactive advertisements along their channels and vlogs which are targeted to a certain audience) which allows vloggers to generate revenue. There it is guys, another way to be a millionaire without slaving away in university. It is not as easy it seems anyways most people have ridden this wave and are slowly getting onto the money train that is YouTube and creating content whilst working with brand advertisers and becoming the voices and faces for the issues directed to an array of audiences.

In South Africa, I have my own list of vloggers and their YouTube channels that are totally worth checking out, firstly Ich Bin Siv by Siv Greyson, she is in her second- year at the University of Cape Town. She is queer and vocal about the issues that affect queer people in spaces such as UCT. There is series of poems in her vlogs known as vloetry and I am absolutely in love with them. She is fun loving and documents her life as she artistically documents her daily experiences of what it means to be black and queer. I am constantly in awe of her creativity in terms aesthetic and the different elements that re visually pleasing on her vlogs.

Pennyroad Cruising

Next is Cynthia Gwebu with her self- titled channel. This lady specializes in make-up tutorials and I attribute my newfound make up face to her.  Her tutorials are always so informative and she has knowledge on the latest makeup tricks and buys that are affordable yet magical. I suggest you do yourself a favour and check her channel out as you will no longer be excused for walking around with bad eyebrows.

Bad Boujee Tutorial

The next vlogger is a creative in the truest sense of the word. With a graphic design background and an eye for visual aesthetic, he has a series of vlogs on his channel which feature a group of his friends called “broke niggaz”, “confessions of my Instagram”, and the most recent and quite successful in terms of viewership, “microwave boys” which, to be honest, is my favourite. It features Vuzu entertainment presenter Larryngitis, radio DJ Sipho and event MC and host Sphaka who tackle trending weekly stories from social media and give them a fun twist filled with laughs, shade and just random boy foolery nice after a hectic long day on campus.

Microwave Boys

Sibu Mpanza is a vlogger who has been trending quite recently on twitter after being involved in a public spat with another South African vlogger Renaldo Gouws. Gouws accused Sibu Mpanza of being a fraud and fake but that did not seem to knock Mpanza down. After announcing that he dropped out of UCT to pursue his YouTube career and build his channel as a fulltime job, Sibu Mpanza serves as a reminder of how passionate and determined one needs to be in pursuing the things they love. I enjoy watching Sibu’s vlogs as he is vocal about social injustice, racism etc. He, much like Siv, has been actively taking a firm stance on issues that continuously affect the youth of South Africa post- apartheid. And trust me nothing is more interesting than a serving of shade and sarcasm occasionally, so I suggest that you grab a chair and let this brother teach you on how to generate revenue from YouTube.

Sibu Mpanza

This last group of vloggers is one of my all-time favourites. They are the true embodiment of black girl magic and it is pleasing to see young, black females taking a stance on a myriad of issues affecting girls all over. These three are such a chatty bunch, bubbly, and forever silly with well thought-out and laid out vlogs that are stimulating and force someone to take a stand on something. Recently, they have managed to go on a “ride along” with one of this country’s talented musician Thandiswa Mazwai and they have been able to showcase a side of celebrities that only a few television shows have been able to depict. These girls are going places. Watch this space.

Black girl magic

These are among a few of the vloggers and channels I keep up with. There are plenty more and it would be an absolute pleasure if more people were to create their own content and happily share it like these vloggers are successfully doing. Vlogging does not many have requirements and rules; it is all about passion and having fun, and hopefully the South African vlogosphere grows in leaps and bounds.

Vlogging is Lit Fam


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