31st Jul2017

Don’t Come to Johannesburg

by admin

Johannesburg Skyline

You will hear stories of our lost sisters,
The lecherous captors
Snatched off of narrow pavements

You will be enticed by stories of illusion,
Disappearing acts and elusive names turned to
The silent spectres sweeping the city streets,
An insidious ghost lurking in the shadows.

It’s the city of silence,
Beneath the bedlam walls are filled with wails
Inconsolable mothers,
Abandoned children
Stolen women…

Here, women aren’t human
Taming demons is our nature.
We learn to hide before our bones grind to dust.
Your body a prison, your clothes, shackles
Your home holds you captive in fear.

You will be coerced into a macabre melody
while they circle to your song,
Join the dance, you will join the dance.
We will sing your song;
Shut your ears, shut your mouth, shut your eyes as well.
Sing to your silence

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