25th Sep2017

Beware of the Last Days

by admin

                                                                                Liberal Christians Perspective

The Bible warns us in Luke 21:11, “There will be great earthquakes and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.” It is proven, we have recently heard of the massive earthquake in Mexico this past week, killing more than 150 people and left many injured and homeless. This is not the first of its kind which are now predominantly occurring, and more earthquakes are still predicted to occur in the future globally.

This article focuses on the coming true of the prophecies of the Bible, specifically focusing on the churches. One could account for all the disasters happening in the world that align with these prophesies, and in times like this the church should be the place where people find hope and  protection from these disasters. Instead the churches have also been influenced by the changes in the world. The Bible had predicted in Mathew 24:10-11 “And another many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.”

Churches today have turned into commodities and lucrative businesses. The organisations and pastors who often appear as prophets are idolised and praised, not remembering that the gifts that they were given are from God and that he deserves the praise not them. An example of this is seen with the newly turned prophet, the herbalist Bhaka Nzama. He says that he is the King just like Jesus, and his new ministry is named after him. This sort of thing directs focus to it being about him not God. Secondly, these ministers often scare people into Christianity. They tell people that if you are not saved you are going to hell. As people are still questioning life and what comes after life, one is more likely to get into Christianity because of the fear of going to hell. It truly takes away from the beauty of Christianity, and thus people disingenuously praising God hence the drama seen in some of these churches people falling, making noise role playing things that are not happening.

They focus on shunning down other organisations to promote theirs. People should be left with the choice to freely go to the organisation they want which should be a truthful one for that matter. The main emphasis in a lot of these charlatan churches is offerings and tithes. They will often say: You will not get your miracle money or blessings if you do not offer. And now because people want to be like them- shiny suits, cars, jets and all- they give and reality is that people become more broke. The pastors become rich consequently.

When evangelists are sent to go out the first word that they say is, “Can I invite you to My Church,” and if you say no their immediate response is “You’re going to Hell.” First and foremost who are you to condemn me to hell, because the only being capable of doing that God, the creator. Where have you learned how to create the universe? Secondly, the organisation that you are inviting me to is not the only place where I can find God. When Jesus died for us, the veil was torn. The veil where only high priests could go to, but God has availed himself to each and every one of us and even in our homes. He is everywhere and everyone with or without money can receive him. He never said pay anything to receive him and that is why these charlatan pastors are incredibly problematic.

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