What do we do?

exPress imPress is a blog run by students from the Department of Media Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. We express ourselves in five ways that hopefully impress you all:

As the title suggests, Express – current affairs, carries in-depth analysis of political events, social issues and problems in society. We discuss all the political events and other social and economic issues that appear in any media form that you consume. You are all political and economic analysts in your own right because Media Studies has given you the biggest tool ever which is to write and think analytically. In this section, we give you the platform to exercise that skill!

Impressions – my diary is more like a documentary of student life outside the classroom. It is a platform to share your day-to-day experiences. There is very little that cannot be expressed and shared. My diary is about YOU. It is about your achievements, struggles, your joys, your schedule, your emotions and overall experiences. Some people express themselves through singing and dancing; we write in order to express ourselves!

Impressing – entertainment and lifestyle explores emerging popular culture, be it the MTV generation, the Y-generation or the Ama Kip Kip and Smarteez generations. We look at various forms of radical media: from graffiti, culture jamming or subversive acts to street styles and fashion. We also review the latest films, books and videos. And we give you a peek into hot debates on social networking sites!

In Press – research enables  students in Media Studies to share their research experiences, ranging from issues such as challenges in research as well as preliminary findings, analysis and observations. You will get to learn about other students’ research projects and you will get to define your scholarly identity. In short, we promote research awareness and the vitality of research at all levels. We are always in press because as the saying goes: it is publish or perish!

We warmly welcome contributions from Media Studies students at Wits as well as contributors from outside Wits. Please contact us on info@expressimpress.org. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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