11th Apr2011

The lickers

Lwazi – Mr Skhokho – Mhlongo, a third year student in Media Studies, discusses a new trend that is taking Johannesburg’s townships by storm. An appalling trend...

07th Apr2011
intersexions 2

Private decisions, public results

Imagine this: you are indulging in a passionate kiss and as the heat urges you to pull your zip down or un-hook your bra, a powerful voice...

07th Apr2011


africa was colonised africa is disorganised we cried as unified we lied for our lives we fought for our time africa was colonised africa is disorganised people...

06th Apr2011
An open letter

An open letter

Naledi Siphokazi Msimang offers a response to Matshidiso Omega Moagi’s piece last week on the killing of Donavan van Lill. Dear Matshidiso. May I call you Matshidiso?...

05th Apr2011

Libya’s role in the emergence of an assertive revolutionary discourse on Zimbabwe

Nhamo Taiona* discusses how recent events in North Africa have been reported in the Zimbabwean press While the perpetration of violence against innocent civilians in the run-up...

01st Apr2011

Heroes: a masculine affair

Dineo Sitole discusses the politics of gender around commemorations of the liberation struggle in South Africa. Being an active participant in student politics at my university, I feel...

31st Mar2011

The annual radio reshuffling exercise

The South African radio landscape will be experiencing its annual radio changes or reshufflings in the month of April, starting from tomorrow. It will be interesting to...

31st Mar2011
Donavan van Lill (source: Independent Newspapers)

Are we heading toward a society of many Martin Sudgens?

Two weeks ago, I read the story Racist ‘jibes’ led to murder in The Star and it left me in complete ambivalence. Like any other ‘normal’ law-abiding...

30th Mar2011

SLLS seminar on the advertising discourse of traditional medicine

The School of Literature and Language Studies (SLLS) at the University of the Witwatersrand invites you to a research seminar tomorrow afternoon on the advertising discourse of...

30th Mar2011

No country for old stereotypes

Naledi Siphokazi Msimang reflects on the recent race debate in South African mainstream media and internet fora. These blacks! You give them Bantu education. They take up...

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