01st Nov2010

Vidhya Bhula in the spotlight

Isaac Themba Mnguni interviews Vidhya Bhula about the ins and outs of her research on media, race, gender and the Caster Semenya saga. ITM: What are you...

29th Oct2010
Sugar-Ray Tladi

Sugar-Ray on the blog: exclusive footage!

No, we are not pretending to be a tabloid nor do we have aspirations to become one. But we are thrilled that we got our hands on...

28th Oct2010

Depression leads to suicide. But is it so evident?

Victorine Ntambo discusses the many pressures of life in the 21st century which frequently lead to depression and even suicide. The end of the year comes with...

27th Oct2010

Beauty distorted?

Kgalalelo Morwe takes us through different perceptions of beauty across the world. Is our perception of beauty distorted? Often you hear people say beauty lies in the...

26th Oct2010

Shut up or do something about it

You white, racist liberal! This is how 5FM’s DJ and M-net Idol’s judge Gareth Cliff was labelled in not so many words by the KwaZulu-Natal Young Communist...

22nd Oct2010

Student strike for marks? Human right or a misdirected request?

In a previous article, Victorine Ntambo analysed how mothers, sisters, heroines, mentors, siblings and friends in the teaching and nursing profession teach and strike. Now, she reviews...

21st Oct2010
Source: Demelza Bush, Mail and Guardian

We like to (continue to) express ourselves

Coinciding with Media Freedom Day this Tuesday 19 October, the recently launched Right2Know campaign (sign up here) organised a march to mark a week of action against...

20th Oct2010
Police fire rubber bullets at protesting residents unhappy with living conditions at Masiphumelele informal settlement in Cape Town

SAPS, media and the criminalization of the poor

Drawing upon her research (with Thulani Fakude) on media coverage of the service delivery protests, Fezani Khumalo asks the following questions: Who is the South African Police...

19th Oct2010

Zizek, cultural capitalism and Europe’s guilty conscience

Yesterday, Kgalalelo reported on the ‘Nike Considered’ product line which claims to be more environmentally friendly. She alluded that this was probably more of a public relations...

19th Oct2010

The new struggle t-shirt

During South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle, t-shirts effectively communicated political messages that were censored on radio and television, ultimately leading to a ban of political t-shirts under the...

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