21st Sep2010

The future of the alliance: ‘an end to an error?’

Andiswa Makanda reflects on the future of the tripartite alliance between the ANC, SACP and COSATU. The two-week strike and the events surrounding the strike pose concerns...

21st Sep2010

Press freedom and media democracy: a radical-democratic critique

Ashleigh Tim considers how the concept of radical democracy can inform debates on press freedom and democratic media. The concept of press freedom has frequently been given...

21st Sep2010
Smarteez as photographed in Dazed magazine

Fashion conscious: Ama Kip Kip, Amaskoppers, Smarteez

Kgalalelo Morwe discusses the revolutionary appeal of Johannesburg’s emerging and colourful fashion trends. These are many of the personalized t-shirts, fashion styles and local, bright and colourful...

21st Sep2010
Andiswa Makanda

Been stereotyped?

Andiswa Makanda critically evaluates the state of South Africa’s acclaimed ‘rainbow nation’, drawing upon a personal anecdote. The idea of South Africa as a democratic, ‘racial-discrimination-and-prejudice-free-country’ is...

21st Sep2010
Burning tyres for Bread

Mozambicans die for bread

Victorine Ntambo reports on the recent bread protests in Mozambique and the global increase in food prices. It is terrible for Mozambicans to die for bread. The...

21st Sep2010
Shepherd pic

Shepherd Mpofu in the spotlight

Isaac Themba Mnguni interviews Shepherd Mpofu about the ins and outs of his research on the Zimbabwean diaspora, nationalism and online media. ITM: What are you currently...

21st Sep2010
Community mural in Orange Farm

Don’t mess with my graffiti, sweetie!

Graffiti: much loved by some and despised by others. Kgalalelo Morwe considers the different contexts in which graffiti obtains meaning. According to Art Crimes, the term “graffiti”...

21st Sep2010

Fezani Busa Khumalo’s ‘Once in a Lifetime’ moment

Fezani Busa Khumalo reflects on her job as Assistant-Venue Logistics Manager for FIFA’s host broadcaster, Host Broadcasting Services (HBS) – a true ‘Once in a Lifetime’ moment!...

21st Sep2010
Source: Zapiro; Mail & Guardian

Crisis at the SABC: future prospects

Andiswa Makanda speculates on the future of the SABC which continues to find itself in the midst of a whole series of controversies. The South African Broadcasting...

21st Sep2010
Welcome to exPress imPress!

Welcome to exPress imPress!

Express Impress Express to impress in exPress imPress If you have anything to say, don’t stress exPress imPress is here for you to distress It is just...

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