Matshidiso Omega Moagi

Matshidiso Omega Moagi holds a BA in Media Studies and Industrial Sociology from the University of the Witwatersrand. Her main current interest is critical political economy which she finds fascinating as she believes questions of media ownership and control – which the course primarily deals with – are imperative facets of the media industry. These, she believes, majorly influence the varying (or not) media messages which are disseminated in the media all over the world.

Also, she has a deep interest in new media. While noting its many flaws (e.g. inaccuracy, informality, lack of regulation etc.), she finds its empowering nature a worthy alternative – or at least necessary addition – to traditional mainstream media. Needless to say, she is passionate about the media – particularly its production process – and the different representation techniques and semiotic codes that are applied in media productions. These subtle, artistic and oftentimes pleasant, yet inherently detrimental interpolations by media and affiliate institutions to the masses are what she finds most intriguing about the industry.

She is a self-confessed feminist black woman in every sense of the term and hopes to effect significant change in the realisation of women’s (and other minority groups: homosexual, children, the disabled etc) rights. Her other interests include social movements and organisations, particularly protest movements. Coming from a family in the working class herself, she is very passionate about the plight of the poor in South Africa as she has experienced poverty and the exploitation of the poor in a modern capitalist society first hand. She acknowledges the progress achieved in the country since 1994.  However, she believes that there is still much to be done for the realisation of true democracy in this country and that it is the responsibility of each citizen, regardless of class, race and gender to actively participate in the process. Change, she believes is necessary in almost all spheres of society: cultural, social, economic and political, as the previous apartheid era permeated and damaged all these significantly.

On a lighter note, Matshidiso enjoys listening to music, mostly (underground) hip hop and well anything that is queer and transcends the norm: in fear of being poisoned by the “popular” mass media productions that are disseminated. Nevertheless, though she reluctantly confesses to having a fetish for science-fiction television (vampire diaries, heroes, ghost whisperer etc) and an unhealthy addiction to blatantly sensationalist news productions, only for the humour though.

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3 Responses to “Matshidiso Omega Moagi”

  • snora

    Gal congratulations on making it big, dnt 4get ppl like me wen ur name is on FORBES magazine and ur face on billboards all over, lols,do u get paid? dnt b shy my account number aint that long.
    CONGRA once more, love lots n plz write sensible things we r tired of reading the same things jst re-written in synonyms.

  • omega

    lol thanx boi. I sure wont forget ‘the hood mayn'(lol) when I make it big. And no we dont get paid. Sorry shem.I’ll try my best not to dissapoint

  • Sisanda

    Sana lwam nje

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