Thato S N Legodi

Thato S N Legodi holds a BA degree in Industrial Psychology and Media Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand. He is currently doing his BA (Hons) in Publishing Studies (an industry facing many challenges and changes owing to new media, huh?). He is also a Tutor in the Wits Department of Media Studies and is really enjoying this (he thinks tutoring is very gratifying). Thato is interested in the entertainment industry, the messages that are communicated in/via the industry, the representation or misrepresentation of marginalised groups in the media and the general impact this industry has on consumers/audiences. He is spellbound by advertisements and thinks that he might end up doing something in advertising, even if it would be 10/20 years from now.

Personally, he competes with nobody else but himself and he is always trying to figure out how he can grow and how he can better himself. Although he is a very sociable person, there are times when he wants to be alone “in his own space” and he does not compromise on that. He acknowledges the fact that he has a tendency to underestimate himself and complains a lot but he is working on that as he understands that “You cannot change what you do not acknowledge” as Dr Phil states as well as GI Joe’s statement that “Now you know and knowing is half the battle”. Thato believes in taking risks and is not afraid of change. He is still trying to figure out who he really is and he believes that identity is not something that one is born with but something that is arguably achieved as one grows and is exposed to different experiences that influences one’s life and outlooks on life.

He has a genuine interest in issues that affect the ‘so-called’ minority groups in society (gender and sexuality, racial/ethnic, persons with disabilities, religious and age minorities) and he values diversity, freedom of expression and inclusivity. He is constantly thinking about the world and its inequalities, questioning almost everything so to speak. He has a ‘thing’ for smart/genius individuals (he blushes). He would like to travel the world and learn about other people’s cultures, histories and backgrounds. He is inspired by people who are always trying to make a difference in the world. And oh, he is Beyoncé Knowles’ biggest fan “if that’s not an understatement” (he admires her work ethic).

Thato’s articles can be viewed here.

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