Fezani Busa Khumalo

Fezani Busa Khumalo is a BA(Hons) student in Media Studies. She holds a BA in Industrial Psychology and Media Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand. She is currently researching representations of race and racism in commercially run community print media. She also has an interest in media policy, educational and development media. She is most passionate about arts, media and empowering women and children. Fezani has a proven record of leadership potential. She recently completed the FIFA Broadcast Legacy Programme and holds a certificate of service from the Host Broadcasting Services (HBS). Her other interests and talents include writing poetry and short stories, travelling, drawing and photography (particularly landscape photography), watching live perfomances and reading. There is nothing she would not do for her brother, mom, nephew, niece and my sisters. Fezani hopes that she will eventually somehow contribute towards the liberation and emancipation of girls and women through media.

Email contact: kfezani@gmail.com

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