Leenesha Pather

Leenesha Pather is a BA(Hons) student in Media Studies and holds a BA in Media Studies and Sociology from the University of the Witwatersrand. She is aiming  to become a radio presenter. Her dreams include travelling the world and becoming a political activist for prisoners of consciousness, who are imprisoned for fighting for their rights. Leenesha is currently a member of Amnesty International at the University of the Witwatersrand and hopes to achieve as much as she can through campaigns and involvement in her community. She is obsessed with turtles and loves all genres of music and films. She is also very bizarrely interested in television commercials and watches them with a passion and her favourite phrase is: “It smells like sunshine and happiness”.

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email: leepather01@yahoo.com

10 Responses to “Leenesha Pather”

  • Vijay

    Hello Lee

    Well done on being chosen to be part of this team. Best wishes on the endeavour and may you always be a sucess.

    Kind Regards

    • kalesh



  • Elaine Pather

    Hello, Leenesha

    Well done – we need more successful young people like you in this country.

    Don’t stop and reach for the stars.

    Best wishes
    Elaine Pather

  • Sandy Raman

    This is fantastic news, you sound like a young lady who knows what she wants from life, don’t let anything stand in your way, go get it….!!!

  • Bren'

    Sweet Lee… all the best Chica.

  • Dayalan Reddi

    Hello Leenesha,

    Well done, all the best in your endeavours. Wishing you all the best in whatever you do and wherever you choose to do it.

  • Jayaspery Padayachee

    Your greatgranddad wanted me to become a journalist at one time!!!….and he would be soooo proud to read this…on Behalf of Him…I express all that he would tell you.Go for it…be independent and do your best with your own strength…climb those rough and high mountains…because once there you will see magnificient views..!!
    I am proud of You Darling and you make both sides of the families proud too….Good Luck for your future endeavours…
    Love and lots of Hugs from Norway!
    Tilly Amma!

  • Jade Valentina Trueman


    Your future “smells like sunshine and happiness”
    Your insight is of a dynamic nature and you’ve inherently been embedded with sovereign magnificence.

    Continue to be the ‘light’ which shines through ‘sunshine and happiness’
    I can only wish you the best…

    Endless wishes for revolution!!
    Jade Valentina Trueman

  • Tilly Padayachee

    Well done and i believe you will achieve awesome things in your life and you will make a difference.
    Love you lots

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