Nafeesa Jooma

Nafeesa Jooma is a MA student in Media Studies. Her MA dissertation is entitled “The public performances of Lady Gaga: Reading representations of gender, sexuality, and feminist identities”. Nafeesa holds a BA in Media Studies and International Relations and a BA (Hons) in Media Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand. The title of her BA (Hons) long essay was “Reading Heat magazine: Understanding myth and ideologies embedded within content”. Nafeesa’s research interests include popular culture/s, pop culture, celebrity culture, music, the cultural power of individuals/corporations in the media, cultural artefacts and productions, latent meanings within content in pop culture, representations of minority groups (in particular coverage of females in the media). She also loves music, guitar playing, singing, philosophy, comedy, live music, spirituality, creative writing, going on adventures, desserts, travelling, film, meditation, the Spanish language and pop culture.

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  • oooh my nafs, lol yay. u go girl

  • Zunaid the fantastic jooma

    Sista…. you are the apple that fell from the tree to inspire the world… and the apple of my eye…

    Mwah on your achievements… i am really proud of ya….


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