Naledi Siphokazi Msimang

Naledi Siphokazi Msimang is a proud alumnus of the University of the Witwatersrand. Under the tutelage of the Department of Media Studies, she was admitted to a BA(Hons) degree in Media Studies and received a Distinction in 2010. She is currently filling her passion as a public servant (no new requests for tenders are being accepted at this time). However, her heart remains firmly in the Media Seminar Room, SH3005.

In October 2010 she discovered exPress imPress while working as a Research Assistant for the ICT Policy and New Media Cultures Project, spearheaded by the Department of Media Studies in conjunction with Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA)(note the PR job I am doing here!). She plucked up the courage to submit a blog post in December of that year (when most of the student and academic body were away on holiday) and it has been a downhill spiral from there! She is an avid amateur blogger who actively contributes to the site, and is involved (in spirit) in all the activities taking place on the Library Lawns and at the Matrix. Her interests span Khanyi Mbau and her antics, Juju and Steve-vovo’s public engagements, skinner over an open toilet and the Daily Sun.

Her witty style and pinch of salt attitude to discourses circulating in the South African media inform her irreverent blog contributions which she hopes will contribute towards youth-oriented public intellectualism and thereafter catapult her into the Blogging Hall of Fame (nudge nudge wink wink Wendy). She appreciates critical engagement with her thoughts.

DISCLAIMER: Naledi Siphokazi Msimang is a proud member of the exPress imPress Bloggers Team. The thoughts contained in her blog posts are not necessarily those of the site, nor of the University of the Witwatersrand; and must only be attributed to her tjatjarag young mind.

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